Meet Richard Lloyd

I was born in Albemarle County. My father had just taken a job at the University of Virginia, where he had gone to graduate school. At the time, my parents lived in a two room, tarpaper shack in Greenwood. I am a proud product of Virginia schools. After high school, I remained in Virginia for college and graduated from Virginia Tech, earning degrees in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.

During my career, I held management positions with Fortune 100 companies and owned and operated a private company. Creating new jobs and meeting a payroll taught me many valuable lessons, lessons that I will utilize to make Albemarle County’s government even better. My business background will be of benefit in working with others to attract new business to our county. Although government is not a business, applying lessons of business to the fiscal aspect of government help assure us of an effective government, with reasonable taxes.

After selling our business, my wife, Christy, and I happily returned to Albemarle County. Blythe, our daughter, is a graduate of Sweet Briar College. Our son, Lewis, is a graduate student at UVA’s School of Engineering. Retirement has given me the opportunity to become active in our community.

As part of Citizens for Sustainable Water, I participated in the Community Water Plan. This vigorous public debate resulted in the expansion of the Ragged Mountain Reservoir. I worked to make sure our voices were heard. I believe the final plan was improved through our group’s active participation.

I am passionate and positive about the future of Albemarle County. My life’s experiences have prepared me to work with others in our community to meet our challenges head on and find effective solutions. To take the bold steps necessary, I will need your support and your vote.