Richard Lloyd Campaign Issues

Albemarle County has seen many changes over the years. With these changes come opportunities to renew and strengthen purpose in our community. The changes in our growth, schools, environment, and support for Law Enforcement and First Responders are opportunities that must be dealt with in a proactive and creative fashion. Although change has impacted our community for many years, the complexities that have evolved and the solutions of the past are no longer effective.

  • We must properly manage the financial resources of our county. The current Board passed a tax increase earlier this year and has already announced that another tax increase will be needed next year. Additionally, the Board announced that there will be deficits for the next five years. I want to use my 40 years of business experience to find solutions to turn our projected deficits into a balanced budget.
  • Our classrooms and teachers are facing challenges not seen before in our schools. We need to ensure that our classrooms are properly funded to solve the unprecedented challenges that exist. I will be an advocate for our parents, our teachers and, most importantly, our students, as we work together as a community to provide our students with the best quality educational experience that we can.
  • Albemarle County is surrounded by natural beauty. Protecting our pristine environment, while balancing the rights of our property owners, present unique opportunities. My experience as a thoughtful environmentalist enables me to communicate more effectively with environmentalists, the county government and developers to ensure that the beauty we cherish now remains for generations to come.
  • Our Law Enforcement and First Responders deserve the ability to afford a home in the community in which they work daily to serve and protect. Additionally, they need to be equipped with the most-up-to date technology available. Our Law Enforcement agencies are facing an increase in gangs and gang-related activity. How this is approached and resolved will have a tremendous impact on our schools, neighborhoods and businesses.